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Fireseal are Ireland’s largest and most competent Fire Proofing contractor

Our company is built on our reputation of delivering some of the most prestigious projects in Ireland, to the highest standards, on time, and on budget. Our management and workforce is the keystone to our success. The directors at Fireseal are proud of the dedication and professionalism of all our staff and the quality product they deliver to our client.




The necessary penetration of services through compartment walls and floors causes the failure of integrity and insulation to occur where gaps around these services have been inadequately fire-stopped.

Protection to Steel

Few things are more fundamental to the fire safety of a building than the fire protection of the structural skeleton since failure can lead to the premature collapse.

Protection to Timber

By its very nature timber forms a key part of almost all internal building structures and as a result need to be protected in order to comply with today’s building regulations.

Fire Doors

Fire doors perform a vital compartment function and an important aesthetic role in buildings of all types. They are required to reinstate fire protection separation and protect means of escape from fire and smoke.

Fire Protection For Existing / Heritage Buildings

One of the problems associated with fire protection in exisiting buildings and heritage properties is being able to bring the building up to the current fire regulations, whilst being able to maintain the architectural detail of the original building.